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  • TacyeTacye
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    I started looking through all the posts, but I thought I would just outright ask. I’ve posted before how picky my Shiba, Kiyoko is. We’ve been through every dog food made. She seemed to like royal canin the longest, but she has decided it is not for her. The ONLY way she will eat it is if we feed it to her with a spoon and even then, she is only eating a tiny bit. I don’t want to go raw, but I have considered feeding her human grade food, but cooked. I fed her white rice and chicken thigh for a bit, but she’s getting bored with that too.

    Does anybody have recipes for human grade cooked food that shibas can eat? She has allergies to cheese and eggs, but I think she would be more willing to eat human food. At least maybe I wouldn’t have to feed her with a spoon