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Rika says hi again!
  • RikaRika
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    Hi all! Sorry for the hiatus these years... I was a teenager thus was pretty fickle :-<<br />

    This year, we are moving from Asia to the States. We currently have a crate and are arranging for Rika to fly with us, preferably on Cathay. We are also in the process of getting vet certifications ready. Rika is a nervous sort of girl, so I am a bit worried as to how the 13 hour flight will affect her emotionally. I am considering the chamomile&lavender pills that the IATA suggests, but not sure about how useful they may be.

    I was originally going to ask for travelling advice, but just checked and turns out there's already lots of threads on this so I will check them out. Meanwhile, I've edited this to mostly a 'hi again' post. xx :) Looking forward to spending more time thinking about how to spend time with Rika now that I'm graduating!

    P.S. Please don't mind my signature, Rika is now almost 7! I have no idea how to change it :-S

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