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Only “child” shiba and baby on the way
  • kerichellekerichelle
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    Merritt will be 7 this fall. He has always been an only “child” and In a single parent household. I am pregnant with my first child due this winter. Multiple people have mentioned to me how “worried” they are about Merritt being jealous of the new human. I spend A LOT of time/energy with him. When I got him 01/2012 I didn’t think I was capable of loving anything as much as I love him. I imagine with a human child the love will be even more. I’ve actually been very emotional at times about the potential for loving something more than him (it just doesn’t seem possible). Anyhow, I would love tips/tricks and ideas on how to make this smooth and hopefully pain free. I don’t want Merritt to be jealous or impacted negatively.

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    @kerichelle - There are already existing threads on how to prepare your Shiba for a new baby with some great advice and information. Feel free to read through the existing threads for advice and ideas. If you still have questions or want to continue the conversation, please do so in one of the existing threads. It helps keep information together for future use. Thanks!
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