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My Shiba is scratching and can’t find the cause
  • KitsuchiKitsuchi
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    I got my shiba ~1month ago and she’s close to 4 months old now. We got the kibble from the kennel that the previous owner fed them and she was used to getting porridge (rice + wet food + probiotics). When we got her I mixed the kibble I got with the brand that I wanted to give her and stopped making porridge. About 5-7 days later she started scratching a lot, like really a lot. I talked to the vet and they thought that it can be either parasites, food allergy or the food change happened too quickly. We checked the parasites, it wasnt that. I went back to the original kibble and stopped giving the new one and continued with the porridge. Not much has changed, she ka still scratching, sometimes less, sometimes more. We went to the vet again and they did a bacteria test with the tape and it appeared that she had a little too much bacteria on her jaw. We got a shampoo and Fucidin creme to use. We have followed the instructions and put on the cream to the spots that vet suggested and now I see that she is scratching around her eyes as well and it has gone balder so I can see too many skin around her eyes. Her one eye is a bit red as well where she scratches herself.

    What would you suggest to do next? Im going to the vet again in 5 days for a checkup but I want to be aware of the different options to ask things from vet.

    Thank you’

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  • KitsuchiKitsuchi
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    Forgot to add that Ive mixed different wet foods in the porridge and she seems to enjoy that way more than the kibble we got with her from the kennel.
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    Feel free to post a new thread and introduce yourself and your pup. :)
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