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Trouble with chewing training
  • Loki18Loki18
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    I'm a first time dog owner, let alone shiba owner. My 4 month old, Loki, has a wonderful personality, and has so far been easy to train with everything but chewing. Every room that I have given him while he's been growing up he has destroyed. He knows he's doing something wrong because as soon as I come home he's silent, excited as hell, but silent. He put a hole in my mattress, ripped off wallpaper and chewed through some of my laminate flooring. But all I can do is tell him off when I get home. I'm not there to stop this behaviour. He won't do it if I'm home. I'm at a complete loss as to what to do. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    @Loki18 - We require that all new members introduce themselves (and their pups, if applicable) to the community before being given full access to the forum and asking questions. Since this is not an introduction and is a common puppy woe discussed in existing threads, I am going to close this one.

    Please start a new thread and tell us a bit about yourself, what got you interested in Shibas, and a little about your pup. :)

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