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Puppy fur and heat
  • krystahkrystah
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    Hi. Summer has finally arrived in Oslo, and Kitsu is starting to struggle in the heat. He is 6 months old now, and has not yet shown any signs of shedding his initial puppy-undercoat. I talked to his breeder, and she said he's likely not gonna do his initial shedding until somewhere between month 9 and 12! If this is correct, he is gonna have to deal with his thick for for the entirety of the summer, and we've already hit 30 degrees (~85 fahrenheit). In comparison, when he was born it was approximately -10 degrees (~14 fahrenheit).

    His breeder discourages the use of Furminators and recommends just staying strong and using temporary measures to manage his temperature (cooling mats, ice cubes, cold & wet towels, baths).

    What did you do with your puppies during the first summer with his/her initial coat? Did you Furminate or something similar?

    Joakim & Kitsu
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    It doesn’t get super hot where I live, but we visit family in Texas where it’s really hot. When we go there, Ozzy wears a cooling vest (the ruffwear swamp cooler) on walks and we make sure to go for our walks in the early mornings and late evenings when it’s not quite as hot. I also use cooling pads and Ozzy is all about lying in front of the fan on hot days. :)) I don’t use a furminator. I’m worried that I would damage his coat.
  • jtocchio0531jtocchio0531
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    It gets into the high 80's-90's most of the summer where I live and summer walks can be tough. I looked into the cooling vests but I don't think my pups will walk with that. One of my dogs likes to swim so I take him on walks where theres lots of places for him to jump in to cool down. The other dog won't go near the water of course :)) When they were puppies I remember walking them early in the morning and late at night. Since puppies have to go out more frequently though I would take them on some shorter walks during the day too. They hated the concrete and cars driving by so I found a small park by the water to walk them around, the breeze helped with the heat too. We also bought a window air conditioning unit to keep one room nice and cool for them so when they came back in from their walks they could cool off faster. I use a nice undercoat brush, I used to use a furminator and it just ripped all of their hair out and it made their fur feel kind of sharp, so we threw that away! Hope this helps :)
  • JuniJuni
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    Stockholm has been hot too! We have a fan indoors, try and walk in shady areas only daytime and sometimes I cool the dogs down with water. Either just give them a cool shower or we go to a lake. I actually carry Juni in to the water to and put her down where it is belly high of water as she doesn't do it voluntarily. She is not super happy about it but she seems to enjoy it afterwards.