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New crate behaviour - 9 months old
  • I tried looking in the forum, but couldn't find a similar situation do here goes...

    We brought home Akuma when he was 9 weeks old. He was phenomenal in the crate. Would not cry all night, could actually hold his bladder (though we still took him out in the middle of the night), and would sleep with no problem.

    Flash forward and now he is nearly 9 months old (will be on July 8th). Our routine is the exact same every night as the first day we brought him home - he has his time on our bed with his kong full of peanut butter, and when he is finished he immediately wants in his crate, as we put a few of his kibble inside his kong for him when he goes into his crate. He loves it! He falls asleep, we let him out to pee around 12am, and he goes back to sleep with no problem.

    The issue is in the morning. I wake up before my boyfriend, as I work a split shift. He used to be fine with hearing me move about the house (bedroom door is shut with a fan on to help block out some noise). Recently, he has been crying in the morning. I treat it like I would if I were taking him out pee in the middle of the night - darker rooms, no communication, etc. When he is done I put him back in his crate and leave to continue getting ready. He has been crying for anywhere from 5-10 minutes off and on.

    Do you think it is the adolescent stage and he's testing to see if things will change? Is it that our bond is significantly stronger than before, he realizes I'm still home at 6:15am, and he wants to start interacting with me? Any input, advice, guidance, etc is greatly appreciated and welcome!!