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Puppy Focus // Canine Good Citizen?
  • wishlingwishling
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    Hey guys,

    I was just wondering if anyone here has gotten their Canine Good Citizen certification?
    If so, how old was your shiba when he or she passed the tests?

    Additional context:
    Kubo has been to puppy kindergarten and is in intermediate obedience now. I have a ton of fun working with him, and I hope he has a good time too :)

    My end goal is to see if he'll like lure coursing, agility, or something else (open to suggestions!). Around here, he needs to prove he's reliable with basic commands before they'll let him in those classes though, and that proof is generally CGC, unless the instructor makes an exception.

    At 5 months old, Kubo knows all of the basic commands at home but doesn't listen at all when there's any distraction, even for his favorite jackpot treats. All of that is fine with me since I want him to be free to be a puppy, but I'd love to know from your experiences when I can start to expect more focus, assuming the treat/reward is worth his shiba highness's attention.

    Thank you!
  • I would like to know the answer to this question, too, haha. My 8-month old puppy Kiko is also in intermediate obedience. She focuses well in training class, and indoors and outdoors at home, but any time we are out and about on walks or hikes and there are distractions, it is 50:50 whether she will respond to my first command. I'm guessing the key is building up the reinforcement history to the commands, and continuing to practice with different levels of distraction at home and out and about. Anyone else have thoughts about when/if there is an age when you can get consistent focus and response despite distractions, and how to get there? Like wishling, I am interested in eventually doing agility and lure coursing, but I can't imagine ever having Kiko off-leash until I can get her to respond in distracting environments.