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Dog allergies
  • Hi!
    I have been live with my shiba for 3 years now and haven’t had any allergies until today. She stated to shed her winter coat but due to snow outside I decided I’d brush her inside, but almost as soon as I started my eyes started to water and nose started to run really bad. Is it common to only be allergic to them when you brush them? She sleeps on our bed, her fur is always all over the house but I’ve never had an issue until brushing her inside (every other time I have brushed her is outside)

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    Allergies can appear suddenly and without warning, so take that for what it's worth. When you are brushing them (especially during shedding season) their natural oils and dead skin/dander flies all over the place, so that might account for it. It isn't quite the same as the hair/fur just naturally falling because you are actively dislodging all the loose stuff in one go. Vacuum and clean up well and probably only brush outside from now on.