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Hachi is Missing - Denton, Texas (UPDATE: FOUND)
  • Anxious shiba parent right here. Someone left our back gate unlocked and, since we have a doggy door for the dogs to get into the back yard, Hachi was able to escape in the middle of the night without us knowing. We've checked our cameras and it showed that he came back and frantically tried to get back in for an hour before running away again. He's been missing since February 16th, confirmed sighting near Cooper Creek and Fishtrap Road on the 20th, and possible sighting this morning at the Kings Row exit on Loop 288 (this is all in Denton, Texas.) Going crazy trying to find him, it's already been a whole week. I'm terrified about what could happen to him out there with all of the traffic, plus the area has been flooding and freezing cold recently. If anyone has any tips I'm open to suggestions, we've been taking flyers to places, putting food outside, and putting clothes outside. I just want him home. If anyone lives in the area and sees him or can help find him, please call 940-594-7337 at any time. I've made a Facebook page that I'll be updating if we get any new news since it's hard to keep up with the different places I'm posting on, but I'll try to update here as well. Here's the page: (Sharing this page would be a big help as well, as we need as many people as possible looking for him!) Sorry if this is all a jumbled mess, low on time and wanting to go back outside to look for him.
    img src="photo d99ea21c-904c-4d02-abc0-b57e53a16cf6_zpsgfa1s2rg.jpg" />

    [mod edit: changed category and updated title to indicate that Hachi has been found]
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  • AnjyilAnjyil
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    I shared the facebook page on a group I am part of that loves "couch wolves" as well as my timeline. I hope you find him--this is terrifying!
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  • GOT HIM HOME!!! Someone shot him so we're gonna get him to the vet, I'll be putting more details up later on that Facebook page I posted!
  • AnjyilAnjyil
    Posts: 776
    Ugh--that is soooo horrible. I am glad that he is getting to the vet--hope he is doing well!
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    Omg. Hope he’s ok! Can’t believe someone shot him! :( that’s awful. Glad he is back though!
  • Looked up your FB posting. I am so happy that you got him home, but also feel so bad that he was shot. I so hope that his leg heals quickly, and that this sad, stressful experience is soon just a memory.
    He is such a sweet looking dog. I can't imagine anyone doing that. Hugs to you and him both.
  • @Lilikoi In Texas they probably figured he was a coyote.

    I'm glad he's found. My heart dropped when ibreaf the bit about him trying to get back inside
  • Please let us know how your furry baby is doing. Sending hugs and healing from quakey and me.
  • LilikoiLilikoi
    Posts: 1272
    I did have some family that had two cats killed by coyotes near Denton a few years ago. :( glad to read (on Facebook) that he’s healing well and getting his energy up! And relieved that he wasn’t actually shot. He looks so happy to be home in all of his pics.

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