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Puppy only pees in one spot
  • I hope this is different enough, I know there are a lot of puppy peeing threads. My 3.5 month old has been house trained since we got him at 8 weeks. He has gradually moved his toilet to the edge of our property (the end of the driveway), which is fine by us. The problem is he won't pee anywhere else. We go on a walk and he'll hold it til we get back. We take him to puppy class and he's ready to burst but will hold it through the car ride back. Obviously this isn't the worst problem in the world, but my partner has a job which he can take the puppy with so we don't have to go home at lunch for the puppy's midday break (and therefore less driving and more quality puppy time). He took Yoshi for the first time yesterday and Yoshi would not pee any time he was taken out. This included multiple long walks (one 45 min through a nearby quiet park with few distractions) and other outings to just stand and wait (over 10 min) on a similar surface to our driveway (gravel). It was obvious he NEEDED to go but was holding it and when he got back to the crate he couldn't hold it any longer and went. He knows what 'Go Potty' means. Any suggestions for coaxing the puppy to pee when we aren't near our house?
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