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Companion puppy
  • We have put a deposit down for a red female shiba, and I’m wondering what would be a good companion puppy, besides another Shiba, that I could get to be with her. Now this ain’t my first rodeo, as we recently lost our Naomi, who was 16 years old and was the sweetest Shiba there was. When she was seven we got two pound rescues for outside that of course ended up being inside dogs. They were a lab, golden retriever, mix, and even though they were twice her size she was the alpha.
    The companion puppy needs to be a Shiba size and low maintenance. Don’t want a big dog cause I’m getting too old to put them in car for vet visits. Low maintnce as far as shedding, cause one Shiba blowing her coat is enough hair to make you think that they should bald when they finish. My joke is with a Shiba you don’tbrush, you pluck. Anyway, I’ve been looking at a banseji?
    But I was wondering if anyone has suggestions

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  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    My recommendation would be a rescue... you would be able to look for a dog of your preferred size and energy level, and can give a home to a dog that needs it. They would likely already have a good handle on what their personality and temperament would be like, so there’s less chance that you would end up with personalities that clash. I don’t really like the idea of getting a second dog just as company for the first dog, though...
  • sunyatasunyata
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    Please do not bring another dog into your family just as company for your first dog... That is unfair and just plain silly.

    YOU will be companion enough for your Shiba puppy as long as you spend time with her. Getting another dog so soon after bringing in a puppy (or any other dog, for that matter) will really strain your relationship with BOTH dogs. One at a time. Once your Shiba is a couple of years old and you feel that you (and she) can handle another dog, then you should think about what traits you want to balance out your household.
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