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Puppy feeding question
  • bhamubhamu
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    We finally got our girl, Mochi, last weekend. She is 11 weeks old now. She seems to be getting used to crate training well so far. Currently, I am following this schedule

    - Wake up @ 6 take her out for a walk for Potty. She generally pees only at this time.
    - Feed her @ 6.30 and give her water, then walk her again. She goes potty this time if she had not done it last time.
    - Play for some time and then goes to sleep in Crate around 7.30.
    - Wakes up around 11. Goes for pee and plays for some time and goes back to sleep.
    - Out again around 2.30 for walk then play and naps.
    - 6.30 potty break again, then feed her and take her out again for potty break. She generally does potty again unless it is very cold or rain.
    - 10 pm another walk for pee and then goes into the crate for sleep.

    She gets water most of the day but I am trying to not give her water after dinner time (she drinks water after eating dinner). My question is if 2 times feeding food fine or should I be doing 3 times a day. Also, after what time should I not give her water so she doesn't have any accidents in the night.

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  • Arge12Arge12
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    I think you've got a solid schedule set up for Mochi! Foodwise, I would say that you're probably alright with 2 times a day. If you find Mochi is throwing up or not finishing her food, I would maybe consider doing 3 times a day with smaller meals, but you're probably okay to continue as you have been.

    Water is a little more difficult to judge. I would say that you should continue with what you're doing for water for now. Maybe consider revising the policy somewhere between 6-8 months and try allowing her to have water anytime around then. By then her bladder should be developed enough for her to hold it with no issues through the night. They say that the average "holding" time is 1 hour for every month they've been alive (so right now, she's probably good for 3 hours). Of course, that's a guideline and not law. Personally, I'd say that if you are consistently keeping the 10PM bedtime, cut the water by 7 and make sure she gets a bathroom break before she goes to sleep. Honestly, you'll learn most through mistakes/accidents. Don't feel bad and don't punish her if mistakes happen. It's all about learning what works best for her and for you.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @bhamu - PLEASE remember to search the forum for answers to your questions before posting a new thread. This is the third thread of yours that I have had to close because it is a duplicate topic.
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