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Potty training question
  • Hi all,

    I have a potty training question that is quite specific. I have searched and read through all the potty training threads on the site and I feel my situation is a bit different so thought I would start a new one.

    We have a rescued 2 year old Shiba Inu, Duncan, who we got a few months ago. We also have two cats, one of whom is quite territorial and has scared Duncan away from her area, which coincidentally is our bedroom. When we got Duncan, we didn’t know how they (the cats and dog) would react to each other so we made the basement his space since the cats had the run of the rest of the house (first and second floors). We now have the door to the basement open during the day when we can supervise and Duncan does feel comfortable coming to the first floor to hang out with us when we are around. Otherwise he is most comfortable in the basement.

    Potty training is going ok since he is an adult dog and doesn’t need to go as often. We started by taking him out every 4 hours and have now reduced it to 4 walks a day. He is usually ok except for certain situations, which I will explain.

    - he pees on a wee wee pad at night (we do not know when since he is in the basement and we are not) the door to the basement is closed since we do not want the cats going down there at night when we cannot supervise. We have tried to give him a 11pm walk but he refuses to go since he’s usually asleep. We have accepted this one pee incident as something we have to deal with until the cats and dog sort it out and can live together without being supervised. However I would love suggestions if anyone feels this can be changed.

    - since he doesn’t come up to the bedroom floor much (2nd floor) I don’t think he thinks of it as ‘home’ so he has taken to peeing and pooping in my daughters room when he does come up. We now restrict access to the room, but how do I make him see that floor as home if he doesn’t come up much due to the cats?

    - we had recently taken him to Vermont for a few days. It was bitterly cold and he refused to go on the long walks we generally take at home. He did do his business outside and we took him out regularly, but he took to peeing and pooping inside quite a bit. I know this is not a regular situation but what should I have done differently to avoid that. It was quite disruptive since we were with another family and he typically peed pooped in the other couples room or kids room.

    Some things we are trying:
    - I bought a potty bell and are trying to teach him to let us know when he has to go. Since he is on scheduled walks, he doesn’t have a way to communicate that he has to go out.
    - I read on this forum that if you play with them in a spot where they are eliminating, they will start to see it has their space and stop pooping there. Will try that.
    - giving him treats when he poops or pees outside to teach him that is where to go. He seems to like that.

    Any other suggestions for my situation would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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    @Shimul - All of these are common situations with house training. You will need to treat him like a puppy. Crate or confine to a small space when you can not supervise, etc.

    Since there are tons of threads on potty training (and potty training an adult dog), I am going to close this thread. Please read through the existing threads and if you have additional questions or want to continue the conversation, please do so in the most relevant thread. Thank you.
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