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My Shiba acts like she is herding me?
  • My shiba is 9months old, very affectionate and at times cuddly which I know is odd for a Shiba. She follows me everywhere. around the house and is always underfoot for the most part. My husband always jokes saying, she is definitely YOUR dog.
    But I noticed as she follows me, he head is right by my right leg, always bumping the back or side of it, or a gentle nip at my pants as I walk almost like she is herding me. It doesn't hurt at all and it doesn't bother me. She only does this with me. It is only my husband and I in the household, but I am the main person who feeds her, walks her, etc and my husband works nights so she sleeps right by my side, always has to be touching me when she sleeps. I am just curious as to why she does this. They aren't a herding breed or are they? Has anyone else experienced this? Any knowledge on if this is common behavior or should this be behavior I should be correcting?
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    My girl, Kiku (7 years old), bumps into the back of my leg sometimes. She'll be following me around the house and just touch me with her nose - usually she'll only display this behaviour just when I just get home from work. One day when my mom came over (she did have food in hand), she thought she was SURE that Kiku was nipping at her leg, but I thought she was just bumping her too, like she occasionally does with me. I've never seen her get into trouble with it, so I've just ignored it (with me, I just think it's cute, like she bumps into me just to let me know she's there).

    I've read somewhere that this can be a normal behaviour in dogs - but to be honest, I don't know if this was on a post about Shibas or just dogs in general. I do however, remember seeing that Shibas have a higher probability of herding tendencies, like other dogs with high intelligence. If it's a problematic behaviour to you, you can work on redirection training so you can nip that behaviour before it gets out of hand.
  • ZenkiZenki
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    Zenki (15 months) also does this to me but not all the time; Usually only when i just got back from work or he's feeling extra playful. I take it to mean like he's telling me "where did you go, hooman *nip* where did you go? *nip* why did you leave me? *nip*". he nips at the back of my knee.

    He has another level of this nipping behaviour that actually hurts. This happens after he goes potty (#2). He would get the zoomies then start lunging at my dangling hands and if i start keeping my hands out of reach, he would proceed mouthing on my right leg. at this point, i correct him. :(
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  • I have to admit, I kinda find it cute! It doesn't bother me at all. I just kept saying to my husband, it's like she is trying to herd me, but she is not a herding dog. So I was really curious to see if this was common behavior amongst other owners.
  • Bonsai is 5 months old and does this sometimes. Usually when he knows I'm going to play with him. I'll walk into the living room towards his toys and he'll bump the backs of my knees and nip at my pants. Like you, he only does it with me and not my husband, which is so strange. It doesn't bother me though, it's just like he's telling me he's excited to play and almost trying to push me towards the toys faster, haha. I've had other dog breeds that did this too, so I don't think it's Shiba specific.
  • PlumPlum
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    Plum (5 months) is happy to play on her own but she does nose bump my leg when she wants to interact with play or training together - mostly she wants me to make her toys come to life so she can chase/tug/wrestle. She only does it once or twice a day and it doesn't bother me. She used to nip with it but I corrected the behaviour.

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