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Help! Potty Training in China in a City!
  • So I'm a new Shiba owner. We've had Luna for 1 month now, since 8 weeks old. She smart, picks up tricks pretty fast. But we have a potty training problem.

    You see, we live on the 5th floor (no elevator, 10 flights of stairs) in China. We bought her here and she's gotten 2 out of 3 of her vaccines. In two more months she will get her rabies and last vaccination shot. Even if we didn't mind carrying her down and up 10 flights of stairs in the middle of the night, we absolutely cannot take her outside until she finishes her shots. China cities are far too dirty. There are dog "leftovers" everywhere. Even the natives warned us.

    So. Pee pads? She chews them. Pee pad under a doggie liter box? She chews it. Grass pad? She chews it. I've tried rubbing her feces on the pad with some minor success, but she'd much rather go somewhere else in the house. I'd rather teach her to go outside instead of thinking the house is a potty place at all, but I'm stuck inside for two more months.

    Oh, and in China, it's normal and okay for a dog to go in their crate. This is how she grew up. Going in a crate. So there's that problem, too. Sometimes she will go in her crate.

    We have her on an eating schedule and have made some progress with predicting when she has to go. When we think she has to go, we will pick her up and put her in this little makeshift gated area where both the grass and litter pad are. She will chew on the pads if she doesn't need to go. If she does need to go, she will eventually go after crying to get out (cause she wants to poop or pee somewhere else).

    Unfortunately the pads are different sizes and the gated area is larger than the pads, so she will directly on the floor beside the pads sometimes.

    Oh, and one more hurdle! No enzyme cleaners in China. And shipping to China? That's seriously difficult. Most companies don't bother offering this, and even if they did, the last time we ordered something it took 3 months to get it because they held it up in customs.

    Any advice?
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    You should check out all the other threads on potty training--comes down to essentially the same thing. Watch her :) My dog loves to tear apart and pull at his bed if he isn't tired. I find that if I am with him and constantly redirect him to the proper use, he will lay down and use it properly. I think the same thing applies with a pee-pad. If you see her trying to chew on it, redirect her attention to something else like a toy. If you see her using it properly, reward her heavily with lots of praise and treats. Not sure how old your dog is, but since peeing in the crate is usually how it goes in China--according to you---it will take a while to break that habit.

    If you are familiar with her warning signs to use the potty, you can put the pee pad up in an unaccessible spot (for her) and bring it down when she indicates she needs to go (circling, sniffing, etc).

    Another thing you can try is getting one of those turf pee-pads. They are made of grass or have that texture and are more enticing to dogs, especially Shiba (most shibas I have read about refuse to pee or poop on anything other than high-grade grass --my boy included :)

    Remember, your number one weapon is going to be watching her and heavily rewarding her for what she did right. You might want to get a special treat that she only gets when she potties in the right spot--something she never gets anywhere else.

    As for cleaners-- try something natural, like this:
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