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Is my shiba mixed?
  • My shiba is about 6 months old... When I took him to our vet she said she had never seen a black and brown shiba and she would have to Google it lol. Could my shiba be mixed?
    * I have no idea how to upload a picture *
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    Well, Black and Tan is one of the standard colors for a shiba lol. Which is easy enough to google. :)) There are also plenty of badly bred Shibas (which is super sad :( ) that are 100% shiba but are lacking in a lot of the qualities that make a shiba a shiba. Sure it’s possible that your shiba is mixed, and we have no idea what it looks like or if you supported a responsible breeder or rescued or bought from a pet store or what hahah. But I’m sure if you went to a responsible breeder, you would have researched enough to know the standard shiba colors lol. It’s also possible that it’s not well bred but still completely a shiba, or that your vet just isn’t very familiar with Shibas.

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