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Consistent Diarrhea
  • NicoNico
    Posts: 12
    Yubi has been with me for 2 months now (she's 4 months old) and she's been having diarrhea on-and-off for as long as I can remember. When we first got her, we finished the puppy food the breeder gave us and slowly introduced Natural Balance puppy food to her. At first, we just thought the diarrhea was the change in diet, and it's normal. It went on for a while and we're thinking she's probably eating the plants (just a few leaves) that caused it. Yubi goes #2 anywhere from 3 to 5 times a day, half normal half soft liquidy. I brought her to the vet last week and was prescribed some medication, did a fecal test, and started her on a bland diet (50% white rice, 50% kibble) for 3 days to give her digestive system a break (recommended by vet). Along with the medication, her poop was back to normal! But as soon as we started giving her 100% kibble again, her normality went away and it was half and half again. Yubi does eat her food extremely fast as if she's not chewing on it, but Natural Balance puppy food is rather small. She finished the 3/4 cup bowl within a minute. Not sure if that's a possible cause but don't want to leave anything out. Also, when she is in the yard with Nico, and Nico goes #2, Yubi is right behind him to take it in once he lets it out. I've corrected this behavior several times and try to get to Nico before she does.

    To summarize, here are the possible causes to her diarrhea:
    - Natural Balance puppy food
    - Eating too quickly
    - Eating Nico's waste

    Going to switch her to another brand to see how that works. Also going to use a slow eating method like a ball. As for Nico's waste, she doesn't get to it often but will continue to monitor this.

    Is there anything else you guys think may be the cause of her daily diarrhea? And any suggestions to what I can use to make Nico's waste taste bad (preferably good when Nico consumes it) if she ever tries to eat it again?
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  • NicoNico
    Posts: 12
    Forgot to add to above: Fecal tests for worms came back negative.
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    Did your vet test your dog for Giardia? That’s the first thing that cake to mind
  • NicoNico
    Posts: 12
    Would the fecal test reveal giardia parasites? The vet told me the fecal test came back negative for parasites.
  • PlumPlum
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    I found that my pup, who is 16 weeks too, had diarrhoea whilst eating 80:20 chicken based kibble. After reading other people's experiences of their Shibas being sensitive to chicken I switched her food to a completely fish based 80:20 kibble and the diarrhoea stopped. Pretty simple suggestion but maybe worth checking out.
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  • NicoNico
    Posts: 12

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