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Sudden increase in appetite
  • Koji is 22 months old. The last 2 weeks has seen a drop in temperature as we are approaching winter and Koji's food consumption has nearly doubled. Sensitive to the cold, I have started wearing long thermal underwear when we go out. I'm thinking Koji doesn't have that option and so he's had to compensate through food. On the other hand, I didn't notice this last winter. Admittedly, I didn't walk him very much last November because he was recovering from a broken leg. After the final surgery in January when the plate and pins were removed, I decided to walk him more to strengthen his bones and muscles. These days I walk him 3 to 3 1/2 hours a day, and we spend another 45 minutes playing and training in the evening. Has anyone notice this appetite increase in winter?
  • I have! I got Hikari over a month ago, and it may be just that Koji is recovering, and perhaps he wasn't eating as much when he was injured. If Koji was a lot younger, it would've been because he was growing, which is the case for Hikari. I think he's eating more because he's recovering from his injury and getting stronger. Hope this helped!
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    Maybe. We adjust Coal's food according to his weight. He was maintaining for about three months, then suddenly dropped a bit and then dropped a bit more, so we upped his food intake. Calorie consumption may be increasing as the dog's body attempts to maintain body heat, especially if their winter coat isn't in yet (I am pretty sure Coal's isn't. This will be his first winter Coat as last year, he was still a pup).

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