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  • Hi, I am a three time Shiba Inu parent, I thought I knew everything about this breed, when my last two red sesame passed at 14,and15, I got another one a male Black and Tan called Leonardo a/k/a Leo. I have to say all these dogs do exactly the same things only in different degrees, well this guy is wilder, more aggressive, and more defiant and also has the Shiba sweetness and craziness but he used to love other dogs , very sociable and friendly for a Shiba , well he s almost 2 and he is showing Agression for the first time towards other dogs in the building and on the streets, very different from the way he was , he was never attacked , but other dogs were nasty to him sometimes , but I have to nip this n the bud now so I am going back to training, he is much more alpha then the others and he is very close to both my husband and me , also very spoiled, HELP

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    I can't give much advice--but first, ditch the "alpha" idea. He isn't being alpha. Even if the term WAS accurate, it would be more indicative of a leader-like personality, not aggression.

    Going back to training is a good start. I can't say for sure, but it is possible that the "nastiness" from other dogs is what eventually put him over the edge--especially if he has a lot of contact with those types of dogs. Anyway, *something* happened. Around 2 years is the general time when Shiba mature mentally, so it could be that kind of dynamic--though most shiba just become aloof or intolerant. That could be it--he is no longer willing to tolerate some of the attitudes he has faced with dogs. Hopefully someone with more experience in this can chime in. (though I think that you will be directed to the various threads on dog reactivity and aggression in the section under the same name)
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    @TomKat - This is a topic that has been discussed several times on the forum before, since it is normal for Shibas to become less dog tolerant as they mature. Since this is a commonly discussed topic, I am going to go ahead and close this thread. Feel free to continue the conversation in one of the existing threads once you read through them.

    In addition, you are still a new member, which means you need to introduce yourself to the forum. Feel free to start a new thread and tell us about yourself, your previous experience with Shibas, and why you decided to add another Shiba to your family. :)
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