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I need some advice between siblings.
  • I have 2 Shibas. One is a boy and one is a girl. The girl is in heat and sometimes I catch him trying to go at it with her. Is that normal for that breed? Do they even know they are siblings? If she gets pregnant, what will happen to the puppies, I mean will they be messed up? I’m concerned since it will be a little more time before we neuter him.

    As much help as I can get would be appreciated.
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  • You should keep them separated. Dogs do not care that they are siblings. Inbred puppies are much more likely to have genetic issues. Please do not let them be together at all during the time she is fertile.
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    This reminds me of one of those "I made out in a hot tub, could I be pregnant?" questions online hahah.... they're dogs. They have typical animalistic instincts. You should definitely keep them separated and definitely consider spaying and neutering in the near future. It is your responsibility to keep them separated and not contribute to the overpopulation of animals. They will not just regulate themselves and obviously aren't aware of things like genetic defects of inbred dogs. They're just going to respond to their instincts.

    I chose to have my pup neutered after his first birthday, but I was capable of preventing any "accidents" until that time came. If my pup was living with a female that would be in heat, I probably wouldn't have waited that long. If you can't guarantee that an accidental (or intentional) breeding would not occur, I would not wait to neuter. But if you prefer to wait until your pups are older and more developed, that requires a lot of extra responsibility on your part.
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    Oh dear... I saw this coming.

    You purchased two dogs of opposite sex who are the same age and did not plan for this eventuality? Please keep both dogs 100% separated until you are able to get one (but preferably BOTH) neutered.

    Honestly, I would get the male neutered immediately. This afternoon if possible. Once the female is out of heat, get her spayed as well.

    That being said, it might actually be too late. If the dogs are allowed free roam of the house together without 100% supervision, she may be already pregnant. In this case, I would take her to the vet and proceed with their recommendation.
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  • So what happened? Do we have puppies from their uncle/father?

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