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Jumping woes
  • So, my husband an I have had Atticus for almost 3 months now. It has gotten sooo much better! He doesn't snap at us anymore and has become very playful, particularly with my husband. We are still trying to work with his fear/aggression towards other dogs, but that seems to be going very slowly (any advise would be amazing! - but I digress). Though we are very happy with his progress, a new issue has come up that I think is related to him feeling more comfortable both with us and in our house, and it is jumping.

    Atticus is a very active almost one year and a half shiba, and he has started jumping and getting on every high surface that he can find. He gets on our bed, which is pretty high off the ground, the window shelfs in the kitchen, our desks, and now he has made it to the dinning table, which is our biggest problem. The table is a high top, so he usually gets up by getting on a chair first and then jumping on the table, and, as far as I know, he has never gotten up and down when he is alone in the house. I am afraid that one day he might try jumping from the table and seriously hurt himself. He already jumps off the bed, something I am not happy with, but whenever we try to get close to him to get him down he thinks it is a game and starts wagging his tail and running around which leads to jumping off the bed. I don't want this to become the case with the dinning table. Whenever we get him off the table he always goes on timeout, but it doesn't seem to be working so far.

    Has anybody every experienced something like this? How did you get your Shiba to stop getting on high surfaces? Right now we are removing some chairs form the table and pushing the other all the way in or leaving heavy things on them, but we can't continue doing that forever, so we would like to fix this some other way.
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    @Atticus - Treat this like trying to teach a puppy not to do anything else. Monitor him closely, redirect when he attempts to jump up, and reward him for the correct behaviour.

    This is going to take a lot of time and attention on your part. Confine him when you are unable to give him 100% of your attention (crate, baby gate, ex-pen, tether, etc.).
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    Ozzy likes to climb on anything and everything too haha. We taught him "off" and would watch him constantly so we could see when he was contemplating hopping up on something he wasn't supposed to be on. Then we would tell him off, and reward him for making the right choice.

    I started by having a treat in a closed fist and letting him sniff / lick around my hand trying to get to it. The second he backed off and wasn't touching my hand, I used a clicker and opened my hand and let him have the treat. After he understood the concept, I extended the time he had to wait without touching before opening my hand and giving him the treat little by little. And eventually translated that to when he would jump on or put his paws up on people, then to objects.

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