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Mysterious loss of appetite
  • Our 16 weeks old puppy is not eating already for 3 days. We got him like 3 weeks ago and starting from beginning he wasn't very enthusiastic about the dry food we gave him but still he ate about 120-150 g per day (according to the feeding chart he should eat approx.200 g). Initially I thought he just don't like the dry food but unfortunately Royal Canin is the best I can buy here (I live in Argentina), another options would be just Eukanuba or Pro Plan, grain- free dry food is not available anywhere. I literally checked all the internet sites and biggest pet stores. Thus I tried to mix it with some cooked beef, chicken, egg. etc. Well this didn't help a lot. I had a feeling with every day he started to eat less and less and on Saturday he didn't eat at all, I gave him just meat but he ate very few. On Sunday morning there was episode of vomiting (after eating a bit of liver) and we took him to the vet. Vet gave him couple of shots and prescribed to feed only with pumpkin and chichen which he didn't eat at all. Yesterday morning we brought him again to the vet, it seems that he has the pain in his belly, did x-ray and blood test as well vet made him another shot of anti spasmodic. X-ray didn't show anything, just more of the poos in his belly but not so much to be an issue, blood test results are good, we also asked to check the kidneys, everything seems perfect and the vet also told that puppy seems healthy- the skin, coat, eyes, temperature, sugar level. But he is not eating, well he ate a bit of cottage cheese, few bites of chicken and a bit of blended meat with carrots. What is wrong with the puppy? He is not vomiting, doesn't have diarrhea, he is not lethargic although is less active as he used to be. Well, we will go to another vet this afternoon and will do ultrasound tomorrow. Maybe someone has had something similar?
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    Just as a heads up - there's a lot of threads on feeding issues and there's a good chance that this may get closed. Given the urgent nature here, I could give a few suggestions:

    - Has his diet drastically changed? I see you saying that you're having trouble finding specific foods - are you trying new ones out right now? A lot of puppies don't like big changes in their food as it can upset their stomach. If this is the case and you're able, try to transition him by mixing the old food with their new food.

    - I see a common factor of chicken here. A lot of Shibas are allergic to chicken and there's the possibility that it's upsetting his stomach. Are you able to switch his diet to something more along the lines of fish, lamb or rabbit? I don't know what the availability is there for you, buy maybe try a different meat to see if he'll eat more of that. It may not be allergies, since the vet didn't notice any problems, but watch his feet because that's usually one of the first places you'll see allergy problems.

    - He's still relatively young - if he's eating kibble, is it soft enough for him? You may need to water it down to make it easier to eat. It looks like he's eating soft things (cottage cheese, cooked carrots?)

    - It's possible that he's fasting. Some dogs will fast at times, though I've never personally experienced this. Sometimes its a self-regulating thing, sometimes it's a protest thing to the food they're being fed.
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  • Thank you very much for the comments!

    I also agree that 3- 4 days in a row is too much. But well we went to another vet yesterday and the result was nothing. Vet thinks the puppy is absolutely healty, no signs of the sickness. He just doesn't want to eat, as simply as that. At the end I felt like a crazy person who is over reacting. He suggested to change the dry food and see if the dog is more interested and as far as dog is active and doesn't loose the weight, it's ok. Cannot say for me it seemed like a solution, but well we got another dog food. Another thing he mentioned is that the dog is bored and doesn't have a lot of activities. It's true, cause the breeder didn't do all the vaccinations on time and Rudi got his 2nd shot only 2 weeks ago although it should be his 3rd vaccination already. So, the earliet time when we can do the 3rd shot is after 1 week + 2 weeks waiting period. We're not taking him out since we live in the apartment, so no fenced yard is available for us.

    In the evening I gave the new dry food (Eukanuba) mixed with old and he was eating small bites the whole night. I heard him roaming around at night and eating the dry food. Well he hasn't eaten the whole portion, but at least more than the last days. In addition I gave him some cottage cheese, which he also ate. As well in the morning he was very active- running, playing and biting, the old beast was back.
    If not the loss of appetite I wouldn't say he was or still is showing any signs of sickness- he is drinking quite a lot of water, peeing regularly, he is not lethargic. Also he was making pooes, smaller and 1 x day or 1 in 2 days (because the food intake was like nothing).
    But anyway we're going to make the ultrasound to see if there aren't any obstructions in his bowel, cause I was also thinking that might be a case. I remember my husband gave him tennis ball to play and later on I saw the fibers of the ball in his stool, maybe there is something left in his stowel.
  • Update on Rudi case. All the week we have spent at vet, literally going there almost every day. We did ultrasound, nothing, everything was totally fine, just some of his glands were a bit bigger, so we were sent to endocrinologist. She made a decision to give him antibiotics, cause maybe he had some virus which didn’t appear in the blood test, although also his temperature was normal. For me it seemed they just have no idea what is wrong and are playing the card what if it helps. But it seems it helps- yesterday he started to eat, ate big portion of chicken with rice and cheese and was super active whole evening. Rudi is still on antibiotics but I hope his appetite is back.
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    Sometimes all doctors can do is see if something works. There are just too many possibilities to be sure, especially with limited symptoms. I'm glad he is seeming to do better. :)

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