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Puppy FINALLY Drinking Water (Good Sign??)
  • Hi,

    I'm posting to get some advice/thoughts about my puppy. She hasn't been drinking water for days because she Giardia, so the vet administered her subcutaneous fluids. She is finally drinking water of her own accord after 3 days, so I am wondering if this is a good sign that the parasite is going away..? Has anyone experienced the same/similar issue, and do you have any advice?

    She is currently taking meds for Giardia, and her stools today were still yellow, but she has been noticeably active (did the Shiba 500 for about 10 minutes) so maybe her increased mood = no more parasite?? /:

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    @dogeharu - There are lots of threads on Giardia that you can read through. But, my advice to you is to speak with your vet. He or she can give you timelines on how long it takes for the parasite to be killed and what to expect as treatment continues.

    Since this is a duplicate topic, I am going to go ahead and close this thread. Feel free to read through the existing threads and continue the conversation there, if needed.
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