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Puppy With Giardia :(
  • Hello,

    So last night I noticed Haru pooped green loose stools, and this morning when she woke up she vomited a small puddle of light brown liquid. I took her to the vet immediately and they diagnosed her with Giardia. I'm not sure exactly how she contracted it. I live in an apartment complex with many other dogs and they all use the same grass, but also the breeder did not deworm her. I only take her outside to do her business. The vet gave her medicine for the next 10 days so hopefully it gets better..

    I'm thinking about letting her use a puppy pad to pee/poo, but the issue is that she refuses to go inside because for the past week I've managed to almost fully house-train her by taking her out every couple hours. I've also heard that using puppy pads is frowned upon because it will make the puppy think it is okay to relieve themselves indoors. Any advice on what to do about her potty training?
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  • Do you have a balcony? If so you could try putting the pad or fake grass out there and see if she'll use it.
  • Yes, I have a patio. Thanks for the suggestion
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