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Fast Eaters
  • Hi. I tried to look for a thread on this but I couldn't. My shiba is currently 21 weeks old or 5 months and 1 week old. He eats very very fast and just inhales his food. We feed him 2/3 cup twice a day and he finishes it within 15 seconds. I know there are like special food dishes that slow down eating that is like a maze but I want him to chew his food a little. I also know that most dog don' chew their food like humans but I thought that they should chew a least a little bit so they don't throw up their whole meal in one piece. Also, do you have any recommendations for puppy food for shiba and the quantities? We want to switch from IAMS smart puppy food to something new because the other night he threw up about 3 whole meals in one night with mucus inside of it. We talked to the vet and they told us exactly what to do and how to care for him, but we would be interested in changing his diet a little bit. One last thing, how big was your male shiba inu at 5 months? Ours is about 17 pounds already. Thank you

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  • AnjyilAnjyil
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    Nothing is really going to make him chew his food. You can try getting something that is bigger/thicker, but that is no guarantee. My dog is a year old, and he has finally started to chew his food a little XD not sure why, though.

    You might try hand feeding, though. That seems to be the biggest change we made before he started chewing his food (and slowing down). I run cues while doing this, too, so sometimes I will scatter the food across the floor of his pen and he will go after it, hunting around to find it. Dispensing balls are good too because they only dish out small quantities and require thinking on the part of the dog.

    I think a major component is that Shibas tend to have more primitive instincts (hunting/working for food) so when it is freely available, that instinct kicks in to vacuum it up quickly. Making them work and think slows them down quite a bit.

    As for food recommendations, I can't help you. Different options in Japan. Just make sure that whatever you choose, you transition slowly, mixing it with the old brand over the course of a week or two and gradually increasing the new food. There are actually a few threads (in health, I think) about types of kibble/food. There is also a thread about Shiba weight with a graph linked to it, too :) I don't have the links on hand, though.
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    Check out the Dog Food Advisor website for options in food. It's got kibbles rated up to 5 stars and gives very detailed explanations about their ingredients and percentages of protein, carbs, fat... I recommend something that is meat based. My pup will be 2 soon and definitely does best on kibble with animal based protein, as opposed to kibbles that use a lot of plant protein instead.

    As far as eating more slowly, I totally second what Anjyil said. When I feed kibble, I use a puzzle toy or hand feed while practicing tricks or hide the kibble around the room for him to find. I have heard of people putting a toy (like a tennis ball) in the bowl with their kibble so they have to eat around it and take more time.
  • BootzBootz
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    Hand feed your shiba and he will learn to chew his food and eat slowly. Once he understands, pour a little at a time into his bowl.

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