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Learning to jump?
  • This might seem like a dumb question, but no one has seemed to ask it that I can find. When do shibas typically realize that they can jump? I’ve read all over the place and seen videos that they can jump fences and things but I can’t even get Nugget to jump into the car, I still have to help her. I’m not sure if it’s an age thing or what, because she is still only a few months old but I’m just a little curious when your shibas all learned about their jumping ability!
  • It comes gradually. Dont encourage them to jump on ot off of things that are too high for them. Falls can damage developing bones and joints.
  • I don’t ever let mine jump from anything higher than my bed, which is only a few inches taller than her, definitely not high enough to hurt her. Was just curious when I’d start to see her trying to do so
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    I also wouldn't really encourage too much jumping until they're at least a year old (or 2 for a large breed) and fully developed. Just like running or agility...I would wait until the pup is completely mature to make sure their joints won't be damaged. For a while, they're little sausages that are to rolly polly for high jumps. :)) but they will become pros before you know it. ;)
  • spacedogsspacedogs
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    Within the first month post patella recovery, Rhyz discovered he could leap and hasn't let up since. He leaps from half way down the steps in to the yard, across the yard, in to my bed, up the stairs, really ... anywhere. I'd stop him but after spending all that money and time on surgery and recovery just so he could leap it's really great to see him embrace his freedom. :D
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    I would echo what everyone has said. Puppies may not look it with how energetic they can get but their joints are still developing until they are 1-1.5 yrs old. I would refrain prolonged high impact activities such as running and jumping until then. also, try to limit their jumping in areas with slick floors because they can easily slip/slide on their landing. I have heard of one dog that broke a leg because of this accident and i'm sure he's not the only one. So my breeder told me to never let Zenki jump down from the grooming table.

    i used to use a 24" baby gate to limit Zenki's access to my bedroom. I can't use it anymore because he clears this gate with ease now. i even tried setting it up with a 4-6inch gap with the floor and he still clears the gate. so yeah, we actually don't even have to encourage them to jump. they just want to be like mike all on their own.

    just to answer your question and if i am remembering correctly, Zenki learned getting up in the car gradually like he climbed up first then started jumping in when he was big and strong enough. This happened around the time i started bringing him to the dog park which was after his 3rd round of DA2PP shots and Rabies. He was 4-5months old in this time period.

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  • I'm glad someone posted about this, I was thinking Bonsai was just a weirdo for not jumping on things because my prior dogs had no trouble jumping at an early age. Bonsai is plenty capable now at 4 months of jumping up if he wanted to jump on our couch and into the car, but he doesn't. He'll sit and wait for me to lift him, which I don't mind at his current weight, haha. Good to know it might just be a shiba thing.
  • I’m in no rush for my girl to start humping, I was just curious when they seem to start. I’ve got a 2 foot tall gate and another that’s maybe 3.5feet tall and she hasn’t even tried to pull herself over the shorter one or anything. She will pull herself up into the car or jump out of it. She’s 5 months now. I think it’ll be interesting the day she decides to try to fly over something
  • Jumping, not humping... couldn't figure out how to edit my comment, lol.
  • @Kayschaefer99 Lol, honest mistake, though I'm sure you're not in a hurry for the humping either, hahaha. If you're not a premium forum member you can only edit your comment up to 30 minutes after it's been posted, but after that you'll just have to write another one, like you did here.

    It's funny, within the last few days Bonsai has now started jumping on our couch and chairs to sit with us. Once he did it the one time that's all it took and he has no fear now. Still doesn't like jumping in or out of the car, but that's fine. He clearly wants to do things on his own time, and I'm fine with that.

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