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Afraid I have ruined my chances...
  • I'm actually not sure where to put this post, so feel free to change the category to what is appropriate...

    I've posted a few times before about my interest in a Shiba pup and when to start contacting breeders. In the past month and a half, I actually made contact with a breeder and discussed my thoughts on when I might be ready to get a puppy (in a year or so) and also mentioned I'd be interested in fostering (not sure if this was a good idea since I'd not had much experience with a shiba before, but I've fallen in love with the breed and want to do anything I can to help them out).

    Anyway, she did say that there was a shiba that she rescued who needed help and that she'd be willing to give me a shot at fostering... Long story short, the pup got loose hours after I picked him up (I feel like it was my fault that he got out of his harness because of inexperience and the pup was a rescue... I should have been more careful). He was eventually found the next day and ended up being fine, but I still feel terrible about it, and I think the breeder might not trust me anymore. I don't blame her at all if she doesn't trust me anymore and I understand completely... but I'm afraid that because of my mistakes in this case, other breeders might not consider me to be a potential shiba parent... I'm worried to ask around and find another reputable breeder too because I don't want to offend her... And I'm not sure what to do next...
  • Have you talked to the breeder since? I think if you have intentions to keep fostering the rescue, asking her for advice on how to tackle different obstacles will be not only a great learning experience but also a way for the breeder to better know you.
  • @Montblonc, I have talked to her a bit more and she wasn't willing to let me keep fostering that particular dog. I don't hold it against her at all because I'm sure she knows better than I do what would be best for him. I did write her an email explaining that I'm still willing and wanting to foster in the future (him or any dog) if she wants and would love any and all advice on how to better care for a shiba in a rescue situation..
  • AnjyilAnjyil
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    Hmm. . From what I have seen on this forum, I don't think she should hold it against you. It seems that Shiba in general are master escape artists. The fact that you are willing to learn and asking for advice should also keep you in good graces. But she may know some things about this particular rescue that made her second-guess how to foster him. He may have other challenges that you would be overwhelmed by.
  • BootzBootz
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    Have your had dogs before?

    I can totally understand from the breeders point of view. The fact that shibas are known to be escape artists... you should have taken extra precaution.

    But at the same time. Stuff happens. Since it's a rescue that you had trouble with hours after getting the pup, maybe she is looking to see if there is one less difficult you can foster?
  • @bootz. You're right. I totally should have taken extra precautions... And I wish so much I had... And I think she was looking for one less difficult to foster.

    @Anjyil And I think you were right, and she didn't hold it against me.

    She's going to let me foster another shiba! I pick him up on Monday, so I might be posting pics soon! Thank you guys for the reassurances. I'm going to be so so so cautious. I already put in an order for what I've read to be a good harness for the shiba escape artists and it should be coming in on Friday!
  • AnjyilAnjyil
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    Yay! congrates!
  • BootzBootz
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    Congrats! Make sure to practice using the harness on a stuff animal or another dog if possible!
  • Thank you, and I'll be sure to practice using the harness!!

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