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Food Portion
  • NicoNico
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    Nico is months away from being 2 years old and we've decided it's probably time (really late actually) to put him on a food schedule so he will be trained to go potty after eating. Ever since he was a puppy, we've always left food out and in his crate so he never starved. I've been slowly getting him to eat when I give him his bowl, then taking it away about an hour later.

    A little more info on Nico:
    -home body
    -stays in the yard most of the day
    -light exercise each day while I play with him for half hour or so
    -20 to 25 lbs
    -1 year 9 months old

    How many times do you feed your shiba each day?
    How big of a portion?

    Thank you for your help!!
  • BootzBootz
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    Hi Nico,

    Please use the search function prior to creating a new thread. This question has been asked before.

    Most dogs are fed twice a day. Portions are based on each dog, as it depends on their size, exercise and food they are given. It is up to the owner to assess and adjust accordingly.
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