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Ends of Hair Sticking Out/Coat Qs?
  • Hi, everyone! So, as Topo's been getting older (she's about to turn six months old), her coat's been changing bit and this includes an odd development from the hair on the sides of her neck, where her hair has begun to stick and point out. It looks kinda funny, so I was wondering if it is normal and just part of the transitional phase of a Shiba Inu's coat, etc.

    I'll include pics once I upload them onto the hosting site, so updates to come. Until then, anyone have a clue what it might be? I give her fish oil as part of her diet, and it's overall pretty healthy looking, so I'm stumped.

  • BootzBootz
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    Hello! Please use the search function when you can.

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    It's an "ugly" phase. Your shiba is still a puppy. Their coat can take a while to get. I would say 1-2 years old is when their coat start to become full. But thats also based on your shibas genetics and the weather. BYB/Mill dogs tend not to have a full thick coat.
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