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Inward bent toes on hind paws
  • Hey y'all!
    I have a 5.5yo shiba who has lately been sitting on his butt out of the blue when we are on walks or even just standing around. He was diagnosed with hip dysplasia ~ 6 months ago (vet said higher end of grade2/lower end grade 3) so I initially chalked it up to some pain/discomfort after a recent zoomie session.
    While I still think the above behavior is related to pain from HD, I noticed his hind paws have toes that almost look bent inward! In both of his paws, the 2nd toe from the outside looks like it's angling inward, almost like it's dislocated or broken. There are some pictures below and I'm wondering if anyone's pup has anything similar? Is this normal or is this angle of the toe really severe? Some web searches haven't given much information and I plan to take him to the vet soon, but have always appreciated feedback from other owners and especially this forum.
    One thing to note - looking back on photos from ~ 3 years (not the ones below and not direct photos, just ones where his paws are visible) show that his toes have been bent like this, but that might still mean they were bad back then!
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  • schaefzschaefz
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    I'm not seeing any pictures
  • Thanks so much for catching it! The images showed up properly in my preview, but I'm seeing 1 of them gone now too.
    I can't seem to edit my post so I'm going to try a new host below to embed the images
    The link to the album is here too -
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Looks ok, and those are very cute tight cat paws
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