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Shiba grief or depression
  • Has anyone ever had issues with their Shiba getting depressed and refusing to eat? About 3 weeks ago our roommates who had lived with us almost 3 years moved out. In the first week one of our Shibas started eating less, and for the next couple weeks since has eaten almost nothing at all. We have taken him to the vet multiple times, and they have run literally all the tests they can to make sure he is not sick - including X-rays and an ultrasound to rule out a bowel obstruction. They say there is nothing wrong with him, but he just won't eat, so at this point we are thinking maybe grief or depression. I should probably say we have tried multiple different types of food, including special rx gastrointestinal food, boiled chicken and rice, and even his favorite foods. He's 9 years old, and we have never had a problem getting him to eat before. Has anyone else here ever dealt with this in a Shiba from loss of a human or animal companion? And, if so, how long did it last?
  • BootzBootz
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    This happens to my second dog who is not a shiba. She gets depressed when I am away, and will barely eat. My husband has to leave the food out for her and she will eat a couple kibble to "make due". Sometimes he will add cheese to tempt her to eat.