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Second shiba
  • I tried googling and reading before creating a new post because I know how some get and redirect to reading this and that. Or maybe I am not a good searcher. I had my pup for going on two years now. echo is an AMAZIIIIIIIING ! I spent so much time training him and re training him and he is just off the chain amazing.
    A lady near where I live is rehoming her Shiba and I felt bad because she is letting her go due to aggressiveness. Her pup (name faith) she never received puppy training she is 4 now. She is one of those tiny shibas. Mine is 30lbs male and she is a 15lb female.
    I wanted her to meet echo first and see if they get along.
    She spent the night at home. Now the introduction happened at a neutral place (park) but it didn't go well at all! They barked and growled at each other madness. we introduced them first thru a dense and that went well except for when we placed them together. We then went for a walk and they did fine. We got home and they were fine until idk what happened and it was growl bark fest!
    She doesn't seem aggressive to me as a matter of fact she likes to be pet more than my dog. I thought well it's not bad! Then this morning a huge fight over a toy.... fortunately no teeth were used and was mainly lots of noise and wrestling. I looked on YouTube vids of shibas playing and fighting. They were def fighting. After that incident anytime my dog comes near her she looses it and starts growling.

    I am sad because she is giving her away due to aggressive behavior and there is a line of people behind me to get her. Only none of those people are Shiba owners or owned one in the past. I am afraid she will not b taken care of.

    At the moment I cannot afford a trainer I unfortunately don't have the time I had when I trained echo myself. She is not even house broken because they made her live outside :( so this whole situation has me stressed out. Anybody have experience taking in an older Dog as your second shiba? If so is there anything I could do before I give her back?

    I don't want to! I worry for her because she was posted on a mom group on fb and some people were saying "I am a vet tech and most people always say watch out for pits but u really have to watch for these dogs. They are horrible and very aggressive" :(
  • anybody? :'(
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @ChikaPunk - Your first and foremost responsibility is to your existing dog. While this new dog is in your home, you need to keep them 100% separated. This will keep them both safe and hopefully prevent your current dog from acquiring any negative associations with other dogs in the home.

    I honestly think the best bet, since you are unable to care for this dog properly both financially and time wise, is to surrender the dog to a Shiba specific rescue. The rescue will be able to evaluate the dog and provide the proper care and behaviour modification that she needs, in addition to finding and supporting a suitable forever home.
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    That dog needs to be an only dog, sounds like. You wouldn't be giving up on trying to rehabilitate this rescue, you would be passing the torch to someone in a better position to make it work. There's value in that. Sunyata's right, and there ought to be one in SoCal.

    But if that doesn't pan out:

    Only none of those people are Shiba owners or owned one in the past. I am afraid she will not b taken care of.

    That in itself doesn't necessarily mean much. There's a lot said about how very special and uniquely challenging Shibas are, especially in niche communities. But when it comes down to it, savvy people can transfer most of their broad dog skills to Shibas and adapt to the particulars.

    So if, among those other people waiting in line as you say, you find a currently petless home with dog-savvy (not necessarily shiba-savvy) owners who say they've looked into the breed, keep an open mind.
  • Well I actually gave her back to her owner last night. The reason I gave her back to her is because I called two shiba rescues myself and when I gave them her license number and name both rescues told me they couldn't take her because she was aggressive... :/
    I asked her owner and she said she called all shiba rescues in California but nobody would take her because she is "aggressive" she isn't but she started labeling her that.
    I kept them separate all day yesterday after the incident with the toy. My husband had told me we could potentially manage them if we always keep them separate since walks are so nice with both of them. I told him no because I felt stressed out. She will be better of with somebody that had no dogs or tiny kids. (Her current owner has two babies one is 2 and a newborn) I spoke to the owner about her care and it's sad because she got her to put her outside, feed her scraps, and never gave her proper care. She never spayed her either.
    I figured she might calm down after slating her but what if she doesn't? Like you guys said.... my dog is my outmost responsibility and a second was never on my to do list. I just grew fond of shibas since Echo (first dog I ever had) and I have been reading so much.

    The lady that has her doesn't even know shibas apparently... for her to call her aggressive?! Lol I seen aggressive dogs when I worked with a doggy Daycare and she is def not aggressive. But anyhow I told her that she needs to check this forum and if she doesn't have time to please let her new owners look into this. : )

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