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Barks at napping Husband
  • AnjyilAnjyil
    Posts: 776
    Just as the title says. In the afternoon, my husband sometimes stretches out to nap. Of course, in Japan, this means on the floor, and he is near the play pen when he does so. If I am there, it is no problem. If I am not there, Coal starts barking and jumping each time he shifts or moves---or even if he is just laying there.

    I can't figure it out. I nap downstairs, too, and usually he just copies or ignores me. Is it because I am not stretched out the length of the pen? Does Coal think hubby is soliciting play?

    I watched the two of them today. Coal tends to get antsy when hubby shifts in his nap, sometimes pacing, or walking toward him as if he wants to bark or something. Very alert posture. His barking, when I am not there, tends to be a bit high pitched---excitement or anxiety?

    My husband just shrugs and tries to ignore it, but I am genuinely baffled as I can't find anything about it online. Any ideas?
  • JackStateJackState
    Posts: 131
    It's got to be proximity to his pen coupled with his general attitude about your husband. I mean he's seen both of you sleep. Where did he sleep on vacation and how does that compare/contrast?
  • AnjyilAnjyil
    Posts: 776
    @JackState that is what I am leaning to. He has been fine the last few days ,but I have been there for about half.

    During the vacation, he was clipped to the wall and I slept on the side closest to him. He was basically at the bottom corner and a little away (just enough that he couldn't chew on the bed) But my husband got up several times and he had no problems. Also, there was a point where we were both laying on the floor napping and he had free reign. He walked all over my husband but always went around me XD Obviously little respect for my husband even now.

    I have noticed that when I can get him to run around in the park, he seems to take my husband better. Sadly, I injured my foot so I haven't walked him the last two days he absolutely hates when I don't walk him at all. (but he hasn't seemed to have any issue with my husband today or yesterday outside of the usual feeding and after walks thing)

    Vet will be back from vacation this coming training class, so I hope to ask him.

  • AnjyilAnjyil
    Posts: 776
    And to add...what would the best way be to desensitize him to this? Is is just going to take until he finally accepts hubby? ( I am guessing a year or two or four XD )
  • zandramezandrame
    Posts: 1106
    He may or may not get over it on his own with time. Shibas are creatures of habit. Most important is changing the routine that he is reacting to.

    Compare it to other triggers or distractions that excite him, like other dogs. Usually adding more space helps. But what do they do in your classes to help dogs coexist in a closed space? If I remember correctly, they use partitions to give the dogs separate space. Consider this to start - do you have a shoji screen? There are possibly other things to do, but will be specific to your setup. Your behaviorist should be able to offer more suggestions.
  • AnjyilAnjyil
    Posts: 776
    @zandrame that is a good idea---but we don't have any partitions or shoji screens. Maybe put the blanket over his pen like we have been doing for after walks.

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