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Zignature kibble
  • schaefzschaefz
    Posts: 22
    Has any one tried Zignature kibble? It seems to have good ratings. Riley doesn't seem to care for TOTW anymore and the owner of the pet store we go to recommended this.
  • LilikoiLilikoi
    Posts: 1269
    This would probably do better in an existing thread about food heh. But when reading the overview on my initial opinion is that I dislike that it's plant based. My shiba doesn't seem to do as well on plant based foods. It doesn't seem like it's a terribly bad quality or anything, I just know now by trial and error that my shiba does best on kibble that's meat / animal protein based.
  • schaefzschaefz
    Posts: 22
    So we got a small bag of the Zignature Zssentials (multi protein) and so far Riley loves it! I'll keep everyone updated on how she does on it.

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