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Puppy Hip Question
  • Shiro_PiShiro_Pi
    Posts: 13
    Hey guys,

    So we've noticed that our pup walks a little "funny". His body looks straight but he moves in a diagonal line most of the time. Otherwise healthy and super energetic. Should I be concerned about possible hip problems in the near future? He doesn't walk AS diagonal compared to when we first got him so I'm really hoping it's just him being a derp.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @Shiro_Pi - Take your puppy to the vet to have him evaluated by a professional.
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  • LilikoiLilikoi
    Posts: 1269
    Yeah I'd bring it up with the vet. Could be normal, or could be something like hip dyisplasia.
  • ZenkiZenki
    Posts: 396
    some calls it 'crabbing' (and apparently so does the article @Lilikoi suggested =)) )... But i first heard this term from shiba breeders . so this sideways/diagonal walking happens even with show dogs that have been health tested. i've noticed this with my puppy when i walk him with a 6 ft leash that rubs against his side when it's hanging loose. so i dismiss it as just walking diagonally because he doesn't like the leash touching him. i don't see this when he's on the flexi lead or my shorter 4ft lead. Not entirely sure what your situation is. does yours walk diagonally on and off leash? most dogs have sensitive 'spots' where they will have physical reactions when something is touching those spots. Example, my dog doesn't like collars to be too close to his ears otherwise he will shake relentlessly until the collar drops down his neck at an acceptable level. As i have mentioned earlier, he also doesn't like leashes rubbing against his sides and thighs. otherwise he will start crabbing. i have tested this by switching the leash touching his either sides and true enough he would crab 'away' from the leash.
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  • Shiro_PiShiro_Pi
    Posts: 13
    @sunyata @Lilikoi, yup I'll definitely do that when he gets his last needle next week! It completely slipped our minds last visit since we just switched vets. Thanks for the article!

    @Zenki Interesting, I don't know if he walks diagonal off-leash. I also have a habit of walking diagonal when I don't pay attention, plus he LOVES switching side to side. I'm always a tangled mess when we go out xD

    It's only noticeable when we play fetch indoors, he'll speed walk diagonal when he brings the item back. Haven't really noticed it with his slower pace since he jumps around playfully when he uses that speed in games, not noticeable when he's full speed either. Probably because I'm bracing for impact LOL

    As for items, he's full commando inside the house so it wouldn't be his collar or anything. We do have the dining table to the right of the living room which is what he runs past when giving the items back. Though he slants towards the table instead of away.
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  • spacedogsspacedogs
    Posts: 361
    If they aren't on leash then it's likely not quite what Zenki was referring to (ours do this, as well, if the leash is hanging on their side they walk with their bodies angled slightly to avoid having it touch them). Off leash, no idea, we aren't Vets and aren't qualified to answer that question lol. [-X

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