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my shiba is aggresive towards all dogs :(
  • _Mochi_Mochi
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    My puppy is 9month old and when he was small he used to be aggressive towards smaller dogs I thought it was just him not liking smaller dogs but now every time i walk him we walk pass a dog he would first be really excited to go over once he gets close enough he starts barking really loud and show aggression i have two shibas my other shiba is fine but when I walk them together once my 9 months start showing aggression my older dog would do it too but would be fine when he's alone
    and i took my 9 month to the dog park a month ago he ran up to a husky and put hes paws on the dogs back once the dog turned around to look at him he just start pulling its fur had to pull him away from the husky and take him home

    he's not aggressive towards the dog he played since he was a pup one is my older shiba and the other one is my friends husky

    can someone give me advice on how I can stop him from being aggressive towards other dogs?
  • BootzBootz
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    Niko and Maki are very close in age. Have you been socializing/raising them both properly? Although they're not from the same litter, they can still get litter mate syndrome. There are couple threads that talk about raising two shiba inus at the same time. Please use the search function.
  • _Mochi_Mochi
    Posts: 5
    ahh okay thank you I think I have socialized them enough but maybe he needs more socializing and recently he has got much chance to play with other dogs
  • _Mochi_Mochi
    Posts: 5
    he has got much chance to play with other dogs
    ^ he hasn't got much chance to play with other dogs
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