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Is Ranto small?
  • rantosdadrantosdad
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    Ranto is 2 months and 2.5 weeks old here. He weighed 3.6 lbs today. The pet shop said he was born April 9th, so he's just over 80 days old. He seems very small to me. What do you all think? Can I expect a lot of growth in the next few weeks or is he just small?


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  • AnjyilAnjyil
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    Too soon to tell ^_^ There are some websites that help you try to predict adult weight, but between now and then he will go through a lot of changes!
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @rantosdad - There is actually a thread that discusses this very topic. Please search the forum for existing threads before posting a new one. Most likely, your question has already been answered, or there is a thread existing where you can continue the conversation.

    Since this is a duplicate topic, I am going to go ahead and close this thread. Feel free to ask your question in the existing thread if you want to continue the conversation. :)
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