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Im having some problems
  • My two Shiba pups are just being terrible. Lately they are chewing everything, even though I have provided treats, toys, and I have countlessly told them what to chew and what not to chew. They even are getting ahold of things that are so high in the air for them to reach. They chew on everything and they have no sense of where to use the bathroom. They poop wherever and pee on carpets. They just are not being what they were on the first 3 days. They are extremely mad about being in rooms and crates and have no clue what to do outside. They are not lonely or bored so It cannot be that. It could not be separation anxiety because they are together brother and sister. Anyone please help me, I need to help them be potty trained and stop chewing. They are 3 months old and they need to act right.

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  • KiichigoKiichigo
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    are you letting them free roam around the house? how do you think they would feel in a play pen? i keep my pup in a play pen when I'm not at home to keep her out of trouble. She's got a pee pad (for emergencies), water and food (only a small amount of food when we leave), bed, blankets, balls, and chew toys.

    It's also excellent when you just need a nap or wanna put them in a time out to relax. I used to play with kiichigo in the pen all the time and she only get's to eat in the pen, so she doesn't mind it in there at all. Might be a bit tougher with two shibas though...
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  • koyukikoyuki
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    Ok firstly- it is not their fault they are not 'acting right', they are puppies- they do not train themselves.
    They are babies- you need to put in alot more time and effort to teach them.
    I am sorry but I do not understand why you are blaming these two puppies for being puppies
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  • JackStateJackState
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    You have a lot more literal shit to deal with before they're trained, because they are babies. They will not be accident and chewing-free in 3 days, so lose that expectation or you're going to have a bad time.

    Treats are both more effective and less risky about creating maladjusted dogs than swatting behinds when it comes to potty training. Similarly, verbal correction followed by redirection to appropriate chewtoys is how I got Ichabod to stop chewing, though my Craigslist barstools are casualties. Controlling the environment as Kiichigo says works for both. Keep your stuff out of reach, and that will not be the first time you find out the definition of "out of reach" has shifted.

    Crying because they're locked in a pen is where tough love comes in. They just have to deal with it and learn that crying doesn't get them things. ONLY after you've made sure they're fed and not feeling poopy. Works that way for kids at a certain point too, turns out.

    They will not understand the first time because they are puppies with tiny brains, but it will come. Then when it does they will backslide, so you have to be calm, consistent, and patient because they won't magically act right in a few days. But it will come. Keep researching too, standard dog/puppy stuff because this is not just Shiba advice. Shibas are dogs at the end of the day and basic dog savvy applies.

    Edit: I'm not so good at the essential light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel part of constructive criticism. But. Yours can be like all these adorable well adjusted Shibas you see here and elsewhere. And all the angels you see here were handfuls at some point who doubled their owner's toilet paper or phone charger expenses.
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  • zandramezandrame
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    I encourage you to browse the "Common Puppy Woes" and "Training" categories, there are multiple threads on potty training and crate training, chewing, exercise, etc.

    Additionally, since you have 2 siblings, you should be aware of littermate syndrome -
  • Let me address your comments,
    1. I let them free roam, however sometimes I put them in my room (puppy proof by the way) or the crate. I give them plenty of time to do whatever, play with each other or toys and I let them pee and poop on the pad. (Keanu, the boy, is housebroken while Kioki, the girl is not)
    2.Yes I do understand how puppies act. I have had around 21 dogs before,(from huskies to chihuahuas to pitbull terriers, I have seen my fair share of dogs) and yes puppies are cute and cuddly but mess all the things you work hard for up. Each and every dog that I have ever had has never acted like this before, especially at this age, all the dogs I have had never acted like this. But, then again every single dog is special and unique. They are not all the same, so yes. I do watch them most of the day and play and cuddle with them multiple times in a single hour. I do treat them right and train them.
    3. I do almost everything I can for them. They have acted well when I first got them but progress is being made. They can jump over my homeade gate now so that is probably why they got some things, they probably just jumped pretty high and snatched stuff. Or they just found some other way.

    Anyways, just common tips and guides is really all I am asking for.

    Thanks, zandrame for your information.
  • JuniJuni
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    In your introduction thread you mentioned waiting for collars that you had ordered before being able to take them out. If I understood you right? So do you take the puppies out for potty/ play/socializing/ shorter walks yet?

    Do you do any kind of activity with them separately? Just because they have each other doesn't mean they don't need you to interact with them. Or break off their play that I'm sure can get out of hand if not supervised.

    As a High school student, do you still live at home or do you live with someone who can help you out and look after them when you're at school?

    And I'm sorry, but being as young as I assume you are, some of the 21 dogs you have experience from must have been during your childhood and it is quite different to being in charge of your own dogs as an adult. So I would advice you to seek out some puppy classes, preferably taking them there one at the time and also read up on puppies and training.

    Your puppies sound completely normal to me, but with two of them you need to put in a LOT of time with them.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @Kioki_Keanu_17 - These are common puppy woes that have been addressed multiple times on the forum. Please read through existing threads for answers to your questions before starting a new thread. Since these are topics which have been discussed quite frequently before, I am going to close this thread.

    Please read through other threads on these issues and if you have further questions or want to continue the conversation, please do so in the most relevant existing thread. Thanks!
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