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New Baby and Territorial/Jealous Shiba Inu
  • seastar135seastar135
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    Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I've last posted on here, but I really need your guys' advice. We have two beautiful shiba inus that we raised as puppies (5 and 5.5 years old). They have been our children from the beginning, but in 5 short weeks we'll be welcoming a baby of our own. The 5 year old male (Dexter) is very timid and would shy away from little humans, but the 5.5 year old female (Pepper) shiba can get aggressive, territorial and become very jealous if we spend a lot of time with other dogs. Although Pepper was socialized very young, she was never really socialized around babies or little children. After she turned 4, she became aggressive towards other dogs and has been known to bite them, often leaving puncture wounds. She has also gotten into fights with her brother, which makes me nervous and anxious of when our baby arrives. I'm afraid she'll turn aggressive towards the baby and try to attack her when we're not looking. We've installed baby gates in the baby room and in various parts of our house, but she's known to jump. I've contemplated getting a muzzle, just in case, but it breaks my heart knowing that I would have to muzzle Pepper.

    Do you guys have any recommendations or suggestions of what I should look out for? I'll be exhausted from staying home with the baby and will have to worry about her safety as well. Should I get a muzzle, in case? If so, what would you guys recommend? Rehoming her is the last thing on our minds and I'm hoping it doesn't have to come to that conclusion. Any help would be greatly advised!! Thanks!

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    @Seastar135 - There are multiple threads on dogs and babies here already. I suggest that you read through those for ideas on how to adapt your pups to having a baby in the house (but honestly, 5 weeks is a VERY short time, you should have been working on this -assuming that you and your partner are pregnant and this is not an emergency adoption- for months now).

    If after reading through those threads, you still have questions or want to continue the conversation, please feel free to post in the most relevant existing thread. Thanks!
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