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  • ObizaObiza
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    Last night Rusty was acting very strange after his evening walk. About 2-3 blocks away from our house he managed to pick something off the sidewalk before I could stop him. I didn't think he got much of it in his mouth but that's the only thing I can think of that could have caused his strange behavior.

    I called the on call vet at our clinic and explained his symptoms. Our vet said we could try to make him vomit but without knowing what it was he actually got she recommended we watch him closely and if at any point he started throwing up a lot (3+ times over the night) to bring him in right away in the morning. North Dakota is relatively rural so even the larger cities don't have 24-7 Emergency Vet Hospitals unless you're in Fargo.

    He was very alert and kept changing where he was looking at and then he'd just stare at his feet and legs and try to bite at them as if something was biting him. At first I thought maybe there was a tick on him. That's when I found out he was soaked in drool. The only way he would open his mouth is if I had a treat to entice him otherwise he kept it shut. This is abnormal for him since he's always flicking his tongue when he's trying to get attention from us. He was still responding good to us as far as commands and he would drink water. Nothing else was really out of the ordinary outside of his alert behavior and staring at the floor or wall. It was as if he was hallucinating something or seeing a ghost.

    I ended up walking back to where he picked it up in the middle of the night to see if I could figure out what it was. It looked like a brown crystal gooey substance with what looked like coconut in it. It didn't smell like chocolate or coconut but more woody? But maybe that's because it had been sitting outside. It was next to a container so I'm guessing someone dropped it leaving church and just left it.

    He's now back to normal and he never did throw up once all night. My best guess is the treat he found was a home baked good of some sort that had nutmeg or some other ingredient that's bad for dogs (or that Rusty personally had a bad reaction to). My husband kept saying he was acting like he was high but since it was spilled right by a church I just don't see it being pot brownies but I guess it's possible. Even our vet said if a dog eats a cigarette butt that has some nicotine in it a dog can act similarly to how Rusty was.

    Have any of you ever had your dog get into something that made them act like they were hallucinating?
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    Holy crap I'm so sorry to hear about Rusty but am super happy that he's alright now. This would scare the literal shit out of me. Closest we've had to deal with to this is one night in the winter Laika got a scent in the yard that spooked her (we think) and she acted strange and kept sitting down and looking around in a disoriented manner, but as soon as she went inside she was fine (thus the assumption of being spooped).
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    Dogs are always getting in to trouble. I had my dog freak out a couple of nights ago, but I think that was a combo of stress from the construction at our house, and the first time experience spring with all of its wonderful smells. However, I have seen him stare out into the darkness on night walks while nothing was there (as far as I could see with my flashlight).

    They are also so good at picking up and eating something they shouldn't just as you turn your attention at something else. My pup has gotten three things that I am sure he shouldn't have, but there was no ill effect. He has learned to lock-jaw when he gets those things, even if I offer treats and such. I think I have only ever tried to force dangerous things out of his mouth when he refused treats and continued to chew on it...really gotta work on leave it and give/drop (I am usually checking the road for oncoming cars when this happens. We don't have any sidewalks and the roads are extremely narrow where I live). My rule of thumb is--if he is not showing any ill effects such as vomiting or blood or sudden lethargy, he is probably fine.
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