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Teacher lifestyle and a Shiba
  • Hey guys!

    I'm still doing research and I didn't find any posts regarding this question. Are any of you teachers? I'm a high school teacher and I'm concerned about the teacher schedule and taking care of a dog. I'm hoping that when I'm ready to adopt, I'll be able to do so in the summer months or during the winter break. However, I know that this is no guarantee. If you guys have any experience/advice, it'd be appreciated!

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  • JackStateJackState
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    My fiance is a teacher. We got Ichabod in the summer precisely because we didn't want to introduce a new dog to the household when she might be gone to work for 9 - 11 hours and me for 9.5 hours. Schedules slightly offset so he has 8 hours by himself on a good weekday, less if I come home for lunch. Do you sponsor any extracurriculars too?

    We were really glad to have two people to split the duties, because they need a lot of attention when you subtract your workday and sleep time.
  • @Jack State I currently don't sponsor any extracurriculars and I'm not sure if I will in the future. It is just me though, which is why I'm quite concerned about the timing... You're really lucky to have someone else who can help you out! Ichabod looks adorable by the way =)
  • gakugaku
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    I am a high school teacher as well. But, as with JackState, there are two of us for the caretaking. My husband and I have a shifted work schedule so Gaku is alone for about 6~7 hours usually. I don't stay after school unless I have to. I have an "appointment calendar" where students schedule to meet with me outside of class time. This gives me the flexibility to leave whenever I need and not worry that I am not meeting my students needs.

    Gaku is relatively low maintenance so he doesn't mind sleeping while we are gone as long he get a lot of walk, play, and yard time once I'm home. Based on our shifted schedule Gaku has on and off attention from 4pm to 1am. On days where I have an after school event, we take him to cafe-free daycare facility.

    If you're doing it alone, you may have to invest in a dog walker while you're gone so that your pup can get the exercise and potty breaks he/she needs. Unfortunately for teachers, going on a potty run during lunch isn't possible. :((
  • @gaku Yeah, I figured I'd need to get a dog walker for the time I'm at school. It really is too bad that teachers don't have longer lunches. :-S Thanks for the input! It's nice to know that my lifestyle isn't impossible for getting a puppy family member!

  • ZenkiZenki
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    @haikuu_shiba I'm also a single fur parent and works as an IT consultant which can have crazy work schedules. I believe things went smoother for me mainly because I got Zenki @ 11weeks old. I didn't get to enjoy the 'prime' puppy cuteness age. but I also didn't have to suffer the really tough potty training age. =)) What I did was work from home for one week. I actually asked for 2 weeks but I observed how he was with the potty situation on the first week. Figured that he's good to hold it for 4-5 hrs, so I went back to working in the office and just drove home for lunch. I only had to do this for about 2-3 weeks because by 3.5-4months he was already holding it in for 8-10hrs.

    In your case, maybe summer is the best time for you to get your puppy. Besides the potty training, there are some other demands that you will need to give to your puppy. and in all honesty, when you see that stupid cute puppy face, you will find yourself doing nothing else but doting on your furbaby anyway. so if you have a ~2 month summer break, that would be an ideal time to raise your little shiba monster. Also, please consider that every shiba is different and some deal with more potty training issues than others. Some even experience regression on their puppy training.
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