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Natsu started to chew up his pee pad.
  • KeusluKeuslu
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    Hello everyone I have searched but couldn't find any topic like this. Natsu is 10 weeks old right now and the last 2 weeks we were doing great on the potty training he was using the pad all the time except a couple small accidents but in the last 2 days something went wrong and he started to eat/chew up his pee pad and peeing pooping where ever he wants. Does anyone had a problem like this? How can I make him stop this? Thanks
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @Keuslu - There are so SO many threads on potty training and some even talk about using pee pads and Shibas tearing them up. Please read through the "Common Puppy Woes" category and you will find your answer. :)

    TLDR: Stop using pee pads and train your puppy to go outside.
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