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The Killshake
  • spacedogsspacedogs
    Posts: 361
    This is pretty common in dogs, even our cat does it with her kibble to show it how deadly she really is, but I get such a huge kick out of Laika doing it I think because she's such a wee lass and I'm fairly certain she's going to knock herself out or at least get some severe whiplash one of these days hehehe.
  • AnjyilAnjyil
    Posts: 776
    haha Coal does this, too, but he isn't careful about where he is. He has banged his head a couple of times lol. I try to discourage it if we are in a place he might get hurt.
  • ObizaObiza
    Posts: 69
    Rusty does the same thing with his rope toy. The first time I expected he was going to jump in shock when it came back and hit him on the side of the head but he was so into it he didn't care. I've never been lucky enough to get a good video of it though.
  • ZenkiZenki
    Posts: 396
    hahaha! Zenki does this too. he has a rope toy that has a ball at one end and he has managed to hit his head with the ball by doing this shake. poor dog. :))
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  • Mochi920Mochi920
    Posts: 357
    Mochi does the kill shake on my dad's shoe and that thing is heavy! She sometimes shakes it near my foot and when it hits my foot, it's painful enough to make me back away from her. I have to wait until she's done killing it to tell her no and take it away from her because I don't know where it's going to go flying. I know she can feel those blows too but she's so into making sure it's dead that she doesn't stop.

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