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Shiba inu and Newborn
  • Hello, my sister just gave birth to a baby girl. She is not a week old yet. Yesterday she camr home from the hospital and we waited for all the dogs to be calm before we introduce the baby. All the dogs seems to be doing okay. She was sitting on a chair while the dogs walked in to smell the baby. All of them smelled the baby and just walked away except for my Shiba Inu, Mamoru who tried to bite her the moment he smelled her. Mamoru has a very very very high prey drive. He killed almost everything that moves. Lizards, squirrel, toads, frogs, cats, mice, birds. He chases everything that moves.

    I've read an article saying that some dogs doesnt realize that the newborn is human since they dont talk or walk or any of that. Mamoru's been exposed to babies but the babies he's been exposed to are babies that have human features. Babies that could walk and talk around 2years+ of age and he seems to be really nice and patient with them.
    I dont know if he sees the baby as some kind of prey or what but he's reaction is exactly the same as when he sees a small animal like mice and etc. He keeps whining, crying, and screaming. When I tell him to sit or lay down, he listened to my command but his mind is this focus on the baby that he thinks is prey. I try to snap him out of this prey-drive mind but it doesnt seem to work since he is all excited with the baby.

    Before the arrival I've open baby crying CDs and all that but he doesnt seem to care. However, after the baby arrived, when he hears the sound of crying baby he starts going crazy. Runnig around trying to find the baby.

    I took the baby's clothes that she wore and place it on a chair. Then i command him to stay away and just keep a distance. He seems to be doing great but the next day he still goes crazy when he smell or hear the newborn.

    Is there any advice to control his prey drive? I dont know if it'll get better when the baby grows and develop human features ( when he starts realizing its human) but for now, I really need advice to how to control his prey-drive towards the baby.

    Thankyou in advance!
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    @pomandmamoru - There are multiple threads on introducing dogs to babies already on the forum. Since there is such great advice already there, I am going to close this thread. Please read through the existing topics and if you still have questions or want to continue the conversation, please do so in one of those threads.

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