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Weird fur....transitional stage maybe?
  • Hello everyone,

    Toshi has this weird fur thing going on right now and I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this same issue with their growing shiba.

    When I got him at 8 weeks he had his typical puppy fluff and then around 12 weeks or so he blew that and became a somewhat short haired shiba with stiff (guard hair) like fur and no undercoat. I figured he would just end up being one of those kind of shibas.

    However, at the end 4 months, he started getting fluffy hair on his sides and so I figured maybe he would get an undercoat and become a fluffy shiba. But, he is just about 6 months now and he's got like two different fur textures. His sides have remained fluffy but right down the middle of his back from neck to tail he has flat, straight, guard-like hairs with no undercoat. I figured maybe this was just an awkward transitional stage and that the fluff would even out but I'm not sure.

    I live in central FL and it has gotten down to the 50's on some days so idk if its a weather thing, but now I have no clue how he's going to turn out in adulthood.
  • I am no expert on coats but at 11 months old our Rhyz has only just finished filling in his first undercoat fully. Maybe that's normal and maybe it's not, I genuinely have no idea, just wanted to let you know you aren't alone in that lol.

  • Thanks for the input spacedogs :)
  • Ponyo didn't get a good coat on her until this past winter at 1.5yo. I think she's just now getting the shedding cycle in sync.
  • AnjyilAnjyil
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    I was just noticing this morning that my pup's coat didn't seem as thick this morning. still nice and healthy, but it seemed different. Perhaps every puppy blows out their puppy coat a little differently and yours is trying to cling to it ^_^
  • Well hopefully the fluff will spread out and he will keep it but I'll love him either way lol
  • Oh, I think I know what you mean because Ichigo has that as well. Ichigo is 7 months old now, she has a line of 'hard' hairs on her back but on the sides she has 'soft' hairs. I can see the colour of her undercoat, but it's not fluffy. Her two other black&tan sisters have the most beautiful fluffy coat but they have been sitting outside a lot more. I'm also hoping Ichigo will get a coat like that!
  • spacedogsspacedogs
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    @QueenIchigo if you want that type of coat on Ichigo you'll have to keep her outside more in the cold weather more I think.
  • @spacedogs Yeah probably because her parents both do have fluffy coats. Her father a little more than her mother. Ichigo looks a bit thin because she doesn't have a very thick coat.
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  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    Ozzy's still got a strip of the more prickly guard hairs on his spine and around his mane, but his sides are pretty soft. He had his first complete coat blow when he was like 13 months old while we were in Texas for the Holidays. I could never really feel the difference until after he lost allllll of his undercoat hahah. He was only guard fur except for his fluffy butt. :P Now he's starting to fluff back up, but still not as much as before we went to Texas. Seems like it takes a couple years at least before they get into their regular shedding cycle... I love seeing how they change as they grow and with the seasons, though! :D
  • triggs121triggs121
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    I live in Central Florida also with my Shiba....with the EXACT same issue! Same strip of rough fir down the center and fluff on the sides! She is also super sensitive to certain shampoos. But the weather here does a great toll on her fur. I'm trying out organic conditioners to see if that helps...
  • Wanted to follow up on this because my Shiba, Topo, is going through the same thing; have any of your puppies filled out since then? She's got a flat looking line of soft guard hairs (no undercoat) running down the spine, but her sides are all nice and fluffy and I'm hoping it'll even out eventually!

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