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Puppy only pees in my backyard
  • MimiKMimiK
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    Hi there!

    My puppy who's now almost 5 months can only pee in our backyard. We got her at 3 months old, and she quickly learnt how to potty outside. We had few accidents every now and then but it was nothing to be concerned about.
    Since she didn't have her full set of shots the vet recommended we don't take her out on walks. So everytime she wanted to potty we would take her out in the backyard.
    Now that we can take her outside for walks she doesn't pee. At the dog park, she doesn't pee. This last weekend, I took her on an hour and a half long walk first thing in the morning when we woke up (which means that she hasn't pee for at least 10hrs) and didn't do anything. The minute we got home she ran to the backyard and peed there.
    Did anyone face the same problem? Any advice on how to break that habit? Thanks!

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  • JuniJuni
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    If you search the forum I think there are threads regarding this already.
    But my guess is that the backyard feels safe for her so that is why she pees there. Since that is the only place she has been able to explore on foot up until now.
    Just give it some time.
    A dog park can be quite stressful if she is not used to it. Try somewhere quieter.
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