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Dentley's Nature's Chews-DO NOT FEED
  • Hello,

    I am quoting from a Shibaholics Facebook post. The pet parent posted that her Shiba almost died from eating Dentley's Chews:

    Do NOT give your dog this bone. It's not a treat. It's a deathly product that needs to be taken off the market. I gave it to my dog and it almost killed him. The bone marrow or whatever is in the inside of this bone balls up inside the dog (meatball size) like concrete and the dog cannot pass them. I have had to deal with this mess for 24 hrs now. Several X-rays, lube, and about 5 enemas later he still has not passed all of them. Stool softener medication has not helped much either as we have had to spend most of our night outside pacing and straining. My dog has not eaten in 24hrs and I have not slept. Back to the doctor today to see what's left on the X-rays. #dentleys
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    Mochi ate two or three of those throughout the three months we've had her and she hasn't had a problem...her health exam came out good too. It's still very concerning because it's such a popular treat for dogs and not everyone will see this warning :(

    It's scary to know that that could have happened to my puppy as well. Thank you for the information @Antoinette
  • @Mochi920-You are welcome. I am glad your fur baby did not have a problem. I will stay away from those treats.

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