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Not pooping after having diarrhea, HELP!
  • I can't find anyone who has the same issue as me; they all seem similar but not quite, HELP!
    So my boyfriend and I came home from work on Saturday to the biggest poop mess Tenno (who is 7 months old) has ever made. There was diarrhea every where, it kinda had the consistency of apple sauce. No big deal, I cleaned it up but a few hours later he countiued to have diarrhea. This happened for the next 24 hours but it consistently got worse. Instead of have the consistency of apple sauce, his diarrhea became liquid squirts which had little droplets of blood in it.

    Took him the vet and they told us to give him a bland diet of rice and chicken and to give him some pedialyte. They sent us home with some medicine to help. We gave them a stool sample but we have yet heard of the results.

    Fast forward to today, his diarrhea has stopped which is good but he completely stopped pooping. In the 4 days since we've been to the vet, he has only peed 2-3 times. He's eating fine but I've noticed he's drinking less water and he's still very playful. I'm planning the vet today to see if this is normal. Has anyone ever experienced this with their Shiba?
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    @destinie_m - I would suggest calling your vet and discussing this with him or her. This sounds incredibly serious if he has only urinated two or three times in the past four days.
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  • MooseMoose
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    It's possible that because of all the diarrhea, the dog's GI tract didn't absorb nutrients necessary. Now that he's eating, his body may be gaining all the nutrients it was missing from before. I would still call with your vet, and see if your vet would recommend scheduling an appointment.
  • @destinie_m - Milo went through something similar, when he had diarreah, we temporarily switched him to the royal canin gastrointestinal wet food so that it is easier for him to process, but even then it took a good 2-3 days for him to gather enough material to poop out again, give it some more time i guess
  • JuniJuni
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    Juni is the same, after a spell of diarrhoea she usually goes without pooping for a day or two.
    But some weeks ago she had the loosies and then she refused to eat at all for two days and she didn't poop for four days! I was really worried. I put some vegetable oil on her food and on day four she finally relieved herself.
    But if she is not peeing properly either I would be more concerned. Is she drinking enough? Maybe try some broth with the water or her food? I sometimes give Juni boiled ground beef when she is ill. I boil it so I can remove the excess fat but if you save it instead as broth that might both get her drinking more and "grease" her intestines if she is a bit blocked up.
  • MooseMoose
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    If the puppy is drinking less water, it would follow naturally it urinates less often. If you're worried about dehydration, try doing the skin pinch test on the scruff. (i love wikihow).

    Below is a link of healthy vs unhealthy urine color. It's the same chart we use at my clinic.

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