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Sleeping with owner- Good or Bad?
  • Hi everyone. My 4 month old Elvis loves to sleep in our bed. My girlfriend and I have only had him for a month so far. We had him sleeping in the living room in his playpen for the first two weeks but then one night he started crying at around 2am and kept doing that for the next couple of days. Eventually we brought him into our room and now sleeps comfortably in our bed. I keep hearing that its not good for the development of the dog to sleep with the owners but I'm not sure, and dont want to mess up my puppy's sleep as well as mine. What do you suggest?

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  • I have heard about dogs resource guarding the owner's bed and it can lead to some serious issues. I cannot allow my Quakey to sleep with me due to my allergies but he sleeps in his bed that is right next to my bed. He seems fine with that. Maybe your little Elvis was crying because he was in a separate room away from you. You do not have to have him sleep in your bed for him to feel secure. If I were you I would train him to sleep in his own bed in your bedroom.
  • JuniJuni
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    If you are fine with it why not? For puppies it is definitely more natural to sleep with the pack than all alone. There are studies (in Swedish) that claim pet owners sleep better too actually that way.
    Juni is allowed on our bed but usually move to her own when we go to bed. I guess it gets too hot and crowded for her. Her bed is just next to ours anyways.
    My only complaint is that there is more dirt and sand in the bed nowadays....
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    I think it's just personal preference. I wouldn't leave a scared new baby all alone in a room by themselves all night hah, so I put Ozzy's crate right by my bed so I could put my hand near him if he had any trouble in the night. It's a big adjustment being with siblings and mom all the time to totally alone! Crates and pens are very common for training and managing the space a young puppy has access to, but plenty of people don't use confinement like that at all. If you're able to supervise him completely and make sure he's not getting into anything that could be a danger to him, I don't think it's a problem. As long as he's safe and not developing a bunch of bad habits like nightly potty accidents or chewing things he shouldn't. Ozzy usually hops off the bed and sleeps in his crate anyway. :(( lol. But he comes back to the bed in the morning and cuddles until we get up.
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  • ZenkiZenki
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    I think the crying is because he can't see or have direct access to you. Zenki always whines when he was confined in his exercise pen. now, he whines when I put up the baby gate to remove his access to the bedroom and we're on opposite sides of the gate.

    I don't let Zenki on my bed. He has jumped on it but I always put him back down, gently. and when he tries to climb up, I firmly say no. So now he crawls under my bed. When I peek under the bed, he would crawl towards me and lick my face like that spiderman scene. it's like having a very cute monster underneath my bed. Like the others, Zenki has a night crate beside my bed that I have turned into my nightstand. it's almost been a week now that I have not locked his crate at night but every morning I see him inside the crate sleeping/waiting for me to wake up.

    you can try a similar setup of the night crate/dog bed in your bedroom. If you really want him sleeping in the living room, maybe you can try leaving an old sweatshirt. maybe having your scent would comfort him to sleep.
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  • JuniJuni
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    I should add- depending on the height of the bed- make sure your puppy can't fall down and injure himself.
    It is also good to teach him signals for when you want him to wait before he is allowed up (if he is dirty or something) and to get down on command.
  • spacedogsspacedogs
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    Ours have access to the bed, and often sleep on it (more specifically, on my feet, both of them at the same time). Most often I'll wake up with one or both of them snoozing elsewhere in the bedroom, but neither resource guard here and know it's not their space, in fact I think they both believe it's the cats space before anyone else.

    We have the xpen set up near the bed for Rhyz while he recovers from his surgery and I'm kind of hoping he forgets how much he liked sleeping on my feet, I'm really enjoying not having 2 dog lumps on my legs every night. Laika is small and snuggly enough that I can sneak her up between the husband and I for some cuddles. :)
  • RyanRyan
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    Bella sleeps on the bed, Suki has a bed next to my bed and will sometimes hop up if he's having a rough night.

    Ensure soft landing! I also taught Bell that she must always be on top of the covers which has proven to be useful.

    Good luck
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  • Thanks everyone. The last two nights I've woken up to him sleeping in his own bed right next to our bed. I think I'm going to crate train him in our room, but for now I'm going to use his playpen and see how it goes. He loves jumping off the bed but struggles to jump on the bed. I want him to get used to his own bed but I don't mind waking up to my puppy licking my face lol.
  • I wanted to add that my Quakey knows he's not supposed to get on my bed but my bed is the place where he sleeps when I am at work. I put my pillow in my closet due to my allergies. I have cameras set up and I love seeing him with his little ears perked up until he cannot hear my keys as I walk down the hallway. Then he waits for about two seconds and jumps on my bed. LOL! He spends the day sleeping on my bed and as soon as he hears my keys when I come home he hops off the bed and meets me at the door!! I think he is so adorable!
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    Lol @Antoinette he is too cute. :)) when I was in high school, Mollie the poodle would allllways want to get up on my bed. She's such a loud sleeper lol, rolls around, digs, likes to lick the covers bleh... so I didn't like her on my bed. I would always keep my doors closed so she wouldn't go in while I was at school or anything. She would always greet me at the door, so one day when she didn't I was kind of wary... but I found that she had somehow opened my door and was just sprawled out on my bed, looking very proud of herself. :)) she's such a little stinker lol.
  • JackStateJackState
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    Enjoy the struggles to get on the bed while they last. Ichabod likes to get a running jump on the bed, kick his back legs off the edge to get a little more air, and pounce on us while we read.
  • @JackState-You little boy Ichabod sounds like a little rascal!! LOL!
  • JuniJuni
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    If I put the reading lamp on Juni gets very disturbed and leaves the bed and moves out to the living room sofa instead...
  • spacedogsspacedogs
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    Juni said:

    If I put the reading lamp on Juni gets very disturbed and leaves the bed and moves out to the living room sofa instead...

    A real diva.
  • ObizaObiza
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    When we first brought Rusty home we decided he would have free range of the full house except for our bed (I needed one mostly hair free zone). He has a bed right next to ours that he sleeps in.

    The first night we left our bedroom door open and found him asleep on our couch with a huge wet spot from him drooling in his sleep! We now have sheets on the couch and our door remains shut. He’s so used to sleeping in his bed now I think he’d stay there all night anyway but it’s easier for us to regulate the temperature with the door closed.

    If we’re up late gaming in our office downstairs he’ll try to herd us to sleep! He eventually gives up and goes upstairs to sleep in his bed. I have noticed when we visit my parents he’s more prone to sleep on the futon that’s off limits then in his dog bed while we’re away from the house – little stinker thought he was being sneaky but I found his hair (and a damp spot) on the blanket!
  • JasonWJasonW
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    Well.....sleeping with the boy, Kyubi, has practically slept on everything and everywhere around the house.....
    I have noticed that his sleeping preferences have changed as he has grown up: When he was a pup, he preferred to be on a cushion or very soft places (like my lap); nowadays, he prefers to sleep in more open spaces (perhaps cooler now that he has a thicker coat!). He still loves a cuddle while he sleeps every now and again - every morning around 6am, he would jump up onto my bed for a cuddle and sleep till breakfast at 8.30am.





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  • Permanently asleep i see
  • JasonWJasonW
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    He does like his 14hrs a day!
  • Those pictures are just too cute!
  • Have you checked for a pulse? ;-)
  • JasonWJasonW
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    Pulse sometimes not detectable through the fluff....but as long as there is no rotting smell, we are good! :D
  • I kept my Shiba on a pen for the first year, whether he was at work, at home and occasionally let him sleep on our bed. Now he sleeps on our bed all the time.

    To me, it was a matter of preference. I wanted him to be able to sleep on my bed, but I took the necessary measures when he was a puppy to ensure that he can be trained not to tear up, pee the bed.

    I do have to agree with one of the posts above, your bed may end up a bit dirtier. I do laundry on a weekly basis just in case.

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